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Starz Dance Centre
Exams & Competitions


Starz offers classical ballet students the opportunity to take part in yearly exams.  Exams are completely optional and it is the individual students choice as to whether or not they participate.  Exams provide a goal for students to strive towards throughout the year and it is always a fun and exciting day! 

Exams are undertaken in the ATOD method of classical ballet and are held at the schools Kyneton studio in August of each year.  On completion of the exam, students recieve a written report, a mark and a level-appropriate medal.  Optional 'assessment' exams may also be taken for those who prefer not to be graded, where just a detailed report is given.


Teachers may invite students to participate in group and/or individual competitions once they reach the appropriate age and level.  Competitions are optional and are held during school holidays throughout the year.  Troupes provide a wonderful experience and an exciting performance day to work towards, as well as the opportunity to be a part of a team.

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